admin: digest problems/general delivery problems

Brett Dikeman quattro at
Wed Aug 30 02:48:02 EDT 2000

I'm hoping I found the problem; we had a disk space problem and a 
problem with the mailman software itself.  I spent all of tonight 
looking at the problem.

I apologize to those who didn't get immediate responses to emails to 
me about this issue.  I'm sure you all understand that I have a 
responsibility to my employer first, and that I decided to focus on 
finding the problem, rather than emailing everyone back once it was 
obvious the problem was not automatic bounce detection.  I don't have 
a lot of time to dedicate to the list.

However, I understand this may not be the fix for the problems people 
have been having, so I'll be going through my email and checking with 
everyone who emailed me about digest problems, to make sure that 
their problem has in fact gone away.  It would help enormously, 
however, if those people who stopped getting mail or digests, and who 
are now getting them, would email me immediately to let me know that 
things are working again.  I won't get a chance until sometime 
tomorrow to check up with everyone; I'm exhausted and going to get 
some sleep.

I'm also keeping a close eye on some of the log files generated by 
the list software itself, and I've contacted the mailman-users group 
to find out about some of the problems and symptoms I'm seeing; I'll 
probably end up working with the developers as well if there's an 
actual problem with mailman.

Hang in there, guys...

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