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Fri Dec 1 08:35:37 EST 2000

Had a friend with a Rx-7 turbo that he raced in SCCA rounds.  He would sit
there and hold the pedal pegged at 8000rpm to show us how great the motor

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Kinda weird: 276hp at 9k rpm (neat) w/166ftlbs (not neat). Not as attractive as
the early 90's RX-7 (love that car).

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>For those of you who think the Wankel engine is way under-rated, Mazda
>is bringing it back in their new RX-Evolv.
>Check out:
>Go to "Concept Cars", "RX-Evolv".
>It will open up a flash window, with the option to "start" the engine,
>and "rev" the engine.
>Sounds pretty sweet. If they bring it to market with that exhaust note,
>I wouldn't mind buying one.
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