I like my Stebro

Swann, Benjamin R. (BSWANN) BSWANN at arinc.com
Fri Dec 1 10:03:55 EST 2000


I don't know about the Scorpian, but the Stebro has given new life to the
'85 4KQ engine, even before I complete the planned GTQ engine upgrade.

I will install a 264 cam soon, which may result in project GTQ 2.3l engine
and management system being postponed indefinately.  Right now the engine
growls like a tiger when accelerating, and about 7 degrees timing advance
has helped the cause.  Can't wait to see what this does with a cam.

I like the exhaust more now than when I first installed it, as it kind of
grows on you.

Downside - it hangs a little low.

<I want to replace the exhaust on my '86 5000TQ I'm not sure whether to go 
for the Stebro or the Scorpion. Does anybody have any experience with these 
mufflers? Sound? HP? I also want  to get rid of the middle mufflers and just

keep the rear, are there any problems with this? Any comments would be 
greatly appreciated, TIA

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