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Yes really..................!
In most cases anyway, there are always exceptions though, you must be one of
As a rule in most cases the reflector is sized to MATCH the bulb and putting
in a bigger bulb can make it worse not better! As in scattered light etc.
Just because a light "blinds' you does not necessarily mean it illuminate
the rood better.
Of course there are exceptions but as "rule of thumb" see the above

Somehow I always get the feeling that no matter what some of us will say
there is always somebody who is going to "jump" and say, but in my case it
is different.................
I don't doubt those statements regardless how far fetched that they can
be.............I am not familiar with a lot of details regarding those
comments so it is difficult to reply in specific.
Take care,

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> The new bulbs will not make too much difference, I switched to 80/100 and
> noticed hardly any improvement!

Really?  One of my 100/80w just blew out (after about 5 months, which I
hear is about par for the course with hi wattage bulbs) and I had to
replace it with a regular 60/55W from the local parts store.

I noticed a significant difference between the two lights on low beam.
The 80W was much brighter and "fuller".


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