Allroads are hitting the showrooms

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Fri Dec 1 14:23:43 EST 2000

I'm just glad to see Audi didn't choose to make an suv. I read about there 
variable ride height thing, and it's pretty impressive. This is what those 
commuter/family types need, something that can transport stuff, 4wd, and is 
safe b/c of it's low center of gravity and handling. The ride height 
adjustment is a great bonus, although most suv owners will never need that 
extra ride height. Most people I see in the mud around here in CT are 4wd 
trucks, never seen an SUV, but I'm sure it's happened....

I wonder how well Audi will do w/ this. Most people are too dumb to 
understand this is better than a suv w/ fixed ride height. I wish all car 
makers would switch over to the allroad type design, I just think huge 
suv's are dangerous for all of us, not to mention a waste of money. I 
wonder why Ralph Nader hasn't declared suv's 'unsafe at any speed'? Maybe 
he drives one.


At 01:26 PM 12/1/2000 , you wrote:
>The Audi Allroad quattro is here.
>I saw at least one ready for purchase at the dealer when I was picking
>up my S4 last week.  Didn't pay attention to the sticker price, but it
>kind of stood out in the sea of other Audis because it was the tallest one.
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