Allroads are hitting the showrooms

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Sat Dec 2 19:20:00 EST 2000

For his trip to Ca, no vehicle is big enough...but I digress.

I concur on your "Grand" Cherokee eval on room. I was also cramped on a biz 
trip to see a client.  The 4runner is equally squished in room.

Whatever happened to VANS? You know, those things that are about the same 
length as Suburbans, Expeditions, etc., but have, like, 3 times the space?

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>I was kinda surprised as to amount of interior space (or lack of) the Jeep
>Cherokee had, considering it's SUV status. I was trapped in the back of one
>during a trip to Calgary... was about as comfy as the backseat of my
>friends Civic Si...I ate my knees the whole trip.
>...I have another friend who wants to sell his Subaru wagon (another
>surprise about lack of interior space...for a wagon)and 'upgrade' to a
>Toyota 4Runner, he asked my opinion and although I think the 4runner is a
>nice SUV, I also think it’s overkill for him(he never ventures outta the
>city...) I told him to have a look at the A6... ...but then he grumbled
>about the price!
>Then he talked about taking the whole family(Mom, Dad, grandma and two kids
>in childseats) on a road trip to California... ...well sure the SUV might 
>a bit roomier for the trip out there, but what about the other 50 weeks in
>the year...
>Ya gotta shake yer head sometimes...
>The Allroad kicks ass.
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>I think it could work if Audi markets it aggressively. But I think a
>chunk of SUV buyers are buying size, perceiving size/overall height =
>safety--ground clearance means nothing to them.
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> >Ameer Antar wrote:
> > >
> > > I wonder how well Audi will do w/ this. Most people are too dumb to
> > > understand this is better than a suv w/ fixed ride height.
> >
> >Depressingly, I suspect you're right.  It's not an SUV-- it's not
> >truck-based, and neither tall enough or massive enough.  I
> >predict it will fail in the market.  It's not what people want.
> >It's what people *should* want, which is not the same thing.
> >
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