After-run Cooling

David Head dave.head at
Sat Dec 2 17:57:51 EST 2000

Does the fan run in low with the AC on? If so, you have a bad after-run
relay. If not, you have a bad resistor pack at the low end or a bad low
speed relay.

Keith Lawyer wrote:

> Per SJM's site I let my '89 200 warm up until the fan
> kicked on, shut it off and waited 5 min for the
> afterrun system to engage.  After 6 min nothing had
> happened so I jumped across the afterrun sensor as
> indicated by SJM.
>   The secondary pump came on but the fan did not.
> SJM's site makes no provision for this condition.
> Suggestions?
> Much thanx,
> Keith L.
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