Hyperactive CGT

Alan Kramer ackramer at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 4 18:17:52 EST 2000

This sounds to me like the auxilary air regulator is sticking/stuck open.  
It's a black valve bolted to the IM just below the throttle body (way below) 
it is held on by two allen-head bolts.  It allows air to bypass the throttle 
body on cold starts.

I'd try disconnecting it where it meets up with the intake manifold (one of 
the two downward pointing vacuum hoses on the IM and plug both lines.  If it 
then runs fine, it's the culprit.


'83 CGT
'86 4kcsq

>From: "Jim Haseltine" <Jim at ur-q.freeserve.co.uk>
>To: "audifans" <quattro at audifans.com>
>Subject: Hyperactive CGT
>Date: Sun, 3 Dec 2000 22:01:48 -0000
>My 83 CGT (KE engine) has been parked up for a few months. I've been 
>the engine for 10-15 minutes every Sunday just in case I need to use it
>again at short notice. This week it started fine, idled at its usual ~1k 
>a few seconds then spun up to 4.5k and held there. It did that each time I
>started it. I've checked the throttle cable, the throttle valves and the 
>flow sensor plate, all of which appear to be operating correctly. I've 
>with the cold start valve disconnected but this made no difference. The 
>other thing that I can think is that something in the metering head has
>Any ideas?
>Jim Haseltine

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