Anyone have a '92/up 100 parts car?

V6Veloce at V6Veloce at
Tue Dec 5 00:02:00 EST 2000

Hi all - Last week the rear license plate fell off my girlfriend's '92 100S.  
Unfortunately it wasn't just the plate, but the whole panel between the tail 
lights that the plate bolts to.  I don't suppose anyone has a blue one?  I 
guess black would be passable, or any color if a can find the right color 
paint in a spray can.  Anyone know what range of years this item would be 
interchangeable with?  I know it looks the same on early A6s, but I'm not 
sure if they actually fit or not.

Thanks a million!

'01 A4 1.8tQ "Lola"
'86 4000S "The Hermannator"
'84 Alfa GTV/6 3.0 "Christina"

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