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>> Hmm.  Just exactly how does one adjust the tension of the
>> accessory belt on an AAN engine?

> I can't believe no one here has done this.
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> I can't believe you posted this!  Thought you were kidding.

> They're self adjusting Phil.  What happens is in time the tensioner gets tired and loses its spring and needs to be replaced.
> If you've reinstalled the belt correctly (and I'm sure you have) and you have a bit of fluttering then you need to get a new tensioner.
> Btw - the replacement one I got last June looks a bit different but works fine.

I asked the question on behalf of Roger Galvin.  As some may know, we're
no longer in business together and he's trying to finish reassembly of
UrS4 we stripped a while back.  He called to ask how it was done and
I simply passed the message on, thinking I'd just fax the reply.

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