Strapping my Intercooler

Lawrence C Leung l.leung at
Tue Dec 5 23:30:24 EST 2000

Personally, I used Rusteoleun Black Grill Paint (the High Temp stuff,
self priming) on my IC straps. Works great, and the straps are alot
easier to work and come by.  The paint has that factory satin (not flat)
sheen, so it looks factory on the valve cover, too. (although I had the
pleasure of looking at Smitty's UrQ and 5KCSTA's Zermatt Silver valve
covers, and I had to admit that they looked so much prettier than factory
black. I wonder if the grille paint is availible in silver.......


On Tue, 5 Dec 2000 14:51:52 -0700 "Britt Crowell" <britt at>
>You know the  flexible metal bands they use for strapping pallets 
>Well that's my idea! Most are brown or black already. Put a little 

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