New Audis are faddy (Was: allroad hitting ...)

Ti Kan ti at
Wed Dec 6 20:46:45 EST 2000

jim rose writes:
> amen, brother....
> i feel the same. 5k's 2c's, and ESPeCIALLY the "REAL" s4/s6's get my 
> propers. of course tqc's are the O.G.
> it's sad. the new stuff, while some of the finest cars built, suffer from 
> faddy-ness. they are the 325is of this decade.

You have a mental complex :-)...  As long as *you* know why you love/drive
a certain marque/model of car, it really doesn't matter why others do.
I am certainly aware that there are many A4/S4ers out there that are
Honda-converts (or bimmer-converts, or whatever), it doesn't bother me a bit.
I *know* why I owned an A4 (and now an S4), as well as my other Audis.
I am comfortable that I have an S4, not because it's a fad, but because
it is an incredible machine with an impeccable pedigree.  And as far as I'm
concerned the fact that more people are discovering the magic of Audidom,
the better (whether they entered the four-ring world by chance or fad,
they will surely experience what we've known and appreciated all along).
The days when Audi == underdog is over.  That's cause for celebration.

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