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Unka Bart gatorojo at earthlink.net
Thu Dec 7 07:29:58 EST 2000

Hi Bob, Mi otros Amigos,

Thanks for asking!  'Tis sweet to be remembered ... (Old bluegrass song)

>The last time I saw him I actually saw him driving his conversion bus
>toward DC along I-66 in northern, Virginia.  That was two or three months
>ago.  He's around but I'd guess he's probably distracted with his travels.

Seems like longer than that, but it was actually on Wed, October 25th.  I
was on the last leg of my trip back to pick up the last of my worldly
possessions, and appear before the court master as the final step before my
divorce is granted.

Arrived after dark, had a brief visit with the ex, and crashed.  The next
day was ummmm... a busy one.  Packed, loaded, broke at noon to shower,
change clothes and go up to Beautiful Downtown Glen Burnie (suburb of
Baltimore) with my buddy George (who accompanied me from Pensacola to help
me move, and to be best man at the divorce) and the Faire Dora.  Since I
was hauling a two-axle U-haul trailer I couldn't bring the toad and we had
to go in the V8Q5.  Definitely a drive with mixed emotions, and my last in
the Q.  Got the Court Master business done in about an hour and a half,
changed back into sweaty clothes (man! it was like a steambath on that day,
at least 100% humuggity), and continue Packing and loading.  To our
amazement, we finished at 1800, and after waiting for the beltway madness
to subside down to simple chaos, we left.  And, with George driving (I have
seriously imparied night vision due to scaring on the lenses of my eyes,
the product of a sheltered youth), we pressed on through the night and
didn't stop until Columbia, SC (0300).  After grabbing 4 hours sleep, we
hit the road again and made Margaritaville by 1700 Friday, just in time to
change again for the Haloween party on the other side of the Bayou.
There's a picture of George and me at

George is the guy in cammies, dressed as a christmas tree, complete with
300 tree lights.  He had a 12v storage battery and an inverter in a
back-pack, and brother, you should have seen him, lit up, red and green
lights blinking furiously as he rowed across the bayou in the darkness!  It
got *everybody's* attention!  ("Look, Barbara, according to those lights,
it's a supertanker, signalling that it's in adrift, loaded with a cargo of
drunken monkies!  No, wait, it's...")

But Bob's right.  I've been like a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest
and haven't read an entire digest in several weeks, and have,
unfortunately, just been deleting them as they come for a couple.

Been trying to entice a lady fair into my life.  Tedious business these
days, unlike the last time I was single and there was no such thing as
AIDS... (heavy sigh...)

Thanks for thinking of me, I'll be back, once I get my normal eye color back...


>At 02:34 AM 12/7/00, Rave Racer wrote:,
>>     Come to think of it....  I haven't seen our lovable, albeit provocable,
>>Unka around for quite some time.  Any body seen him?

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