4ksq updates, suggestions welcome

Eric DeWitt edewitt at mac.com
Thu Dec 7 11:43:10 EST 2000

Thanks to all the help so far.  On to the winter modification plans...

Is it possible to do either a partial or complete replacement of the US 
turn indicator/reflector components with either European turn 
indicator/Fog or replace the whole units with dual Fog lights and rewire 
the running lights to blink as flashers?  (I am not sure if the latter 
would meet US code.)  Or would I be better of just adding for lights.  I 
am more interested in replacing the existing structures because of the 
lack of convenient mounting points for additional units, and my general 
distaste for 'faux' gimmicks for the US market.

I am thinking about beginning to improve the HP/torque of the motor and I 
thought that I would start with a K&N air filter replacement.  What are 
the experiences with this mod?  I am also going to look into new 
injector/throttle body options.  I suppose eventually I will want to move 
towards either a swap with for a turbo engine or transplanting a turbo 
onto this engine, so I would like to keep that in mind.  After reading up 
on the drive train I am under the impression that if well cared for, I 
should be able to get 150kmi out of it, is this accurate?  I would like 
to decide how long I should budget before wear and tear make keeping the 
car unjustifiable.

Finally, I have noticed a strange behavior in my cars electrical system.  
I'll preface this by saying that I am about to order the Service Manual 
from Bentley, Pub., but I don't yet have a wiring diag., expected Amp. 
measurements, etc.  When the engine is revved up to somewhere between 
3.5k and 5k there is a noticeable dimming in the headlights, dash lights, 
etc.  I guessed the voltage regulator was cutting the output of the 
alternator for some reason, but I just had the voltage regulator replaced 
so I perhaps I am way off.  Also, the fan, when if kicks in, seems to be 
drawing so many amps that the headlights also dim when it kicks in.  Now, 
because I had just returned from a short trip, I was unable to tell if 
the dimming noticed at higher revs was just the fan kicking in 
automatically at a given rev/temp.  The dimming cut out as soon as the 
revs dropped, so it wasn't just the fan turning on.  The outside 
temperature was cold (~35deg.F).  Any thoughts?

Well, I am off to my first TSD rally this weekend.  I am considering a 
winter driving class (up here in NE I should be able to count on some 
'good' weather for that!) so I think this quattro thing is going to my 
head! Thanks!


Eric DeWitt
edewitt at mac.com

1985 4000s Quattro

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