UrS4/6 rims and tires for sale?

Thomas, Tom Tom.Thomas at doa.state.wi.us
Thu Dec 7 14:44:21 EST 2000

I have a set of 5 spoke 16" UrS4/6 rims I might sell.  I have had them on my
87 5KCSTq for several years (summers only) and really like the looks of them
(I had to grind a mm off the piece the tie rods connects to on the wheels in
front, and flare the rear wheel arches).  They have Dunlop SP8000 tires on
them - about ½ worn.  They are straight and haven't hit any curbs.  There is
a small amount of oxidation on them in spots around the edge.  I have all
four center caps and live in Madison, WI.  

There is a possibility that the rear wheel arches do not need to be flared -
when I did mine, my center "donut" bushings and rear tie rods where shot.
Having since replaced both and done an alignment, there is a lot more room
between the tire and fender flare.  Anybody have a BTDT?  

Tom E Thomas
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