87 5K Ventilation Fan

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Thu Dec 7 20:56:58 EST 2000

Power to the blower motor is routed through a temperature sensor located in 
the HVAC evaporator box, which is on the passenger side beneath the rain 
diverter that spans the space between the bottom of the windshield and the 
firewall.  There's a (trapezoidal?) cover held down with a couple of bolts 
on the top of the box just in front of the opening that takes fresh air to 
the blower.

At 01:45 PM 12/07/2000 -0800, Matt Ammann wrote:

>Greetings Audi Fans,
>My 87 5K ventilation fan has recently quit.  I don't
>think that the problem is with the fan itself, as it
>made no unusual noises.
>Can anyone point me to likely culprits?  Where can I
>find the appropriate relays, resistor packs,
>controllers etc.
>your help is much appreciated.
>mjammann at yahoo.com
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