Stalling, again...coil, relay, switch. 4kq

Erik Ringelberg eringelberg at
Fri Dec 8 20:43:15 EST 2000


(One more plea for respondants editing the copied email. We could cut the 
bandwidth by half.)

Well, the "coil problem" turns out to be a likely bad ignition switch. The 
replaced coil seems fine, tried replacing the CIS relay and it still cuts 

The symptoms are a full engine cut-out with abrupt rpm drop to 0, a jerk, 
warning lights, dead stick. High speed roll starting and reignition do not 
work. Finally, after pulling all the realys and fuses at 5 deg f in the 
dark, I tested the ignition switch at all angles and insertions and managed 
to get a similar cut-out (when parked). Now it works fine. The switch will 
be disassembled in the morning. Any clues on the security bolt, is it a star 
or double??

Bentley is wrong about the resistance values for a good coil (claimed 
something like 12o/.8o, and I checked 5 coils; all were 2.3-3.0 at BOTH 
terminals. Lot's of variation between coils, but not terminals.

Any thoughts on switch replacement?


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