update on alternator noise over speakers

Huw Powell audi at mediaone.net
Sat Dec 9 19:52:38 EST 2000

> Huw, and anyone else knowledgeable on this topic-
> Is wiring the ground to the negative battery terminal a bad idea?

No, it's a perfectly good location, but usually more awkward than
finding some nice bolt in the passenger compartment.

> I'm going to try to undertake my stereo install this weekend (I have
> Monday off as well), but am a bit unclear about this part. The hacks
> that did my last system grounded the amp to a bolt in the rear deck.
> I plan on cheating a bit and using one of the pre-made amp wiring kits
> if they work well. Something of decent quality, though- probably a
> Fosgate or Streetwires kit.
> Taka

Huw Powell



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