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Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Sun Dec 10 14:37:56 EST 2000

Fuel pumps on both my 4K cars are audible inside the car as well as 
outside, at least while the engine is idling.  I've not heard the fuel pump 
in my 200q20v or v8, but I could hear it in my 5ktq before it quit working.

At 11:54 PM 12/09/2000 -0500, Nate Stuart wrote:

>The three Audis you speak of all have a different style pump than the type
>Huw was refering to. The fuel pumps on all CGT's, 4kq's, Urq's, etc... are
>all external to the tank. While all type 44 and V8 pumps are internal. I too
>have had the pleasure of installing a brand new noisy pump in my 5ktq, but
>have never been able to hear the pump on my 4kq.
> > Three of my Audi's pumps are correctly installed, and all 3 whine, and
> > occasionally scream.  Since the 5K's been doing it for 10 years, the V8Q
> > for 5, and the wagon started 4 seconds after I installed it last year,
> > if your pump is silent it's the exception.  On the V8 and the 200TQA you
> > can't hear it from inside, but defintily from outside.  Dogs 4 blocks
> > away start barking when the 5KS is running.
> >
> > BCNU,
> > Cobram at Juno.Com
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