UNauthorized Headliner Repair

Mark Woodland mwoodland at aaainc.com
Mon Dec 11 10:18:52 EST 2000

Greetings listers.
Does anyone have a copy of the UNauthorized Headliner Repair piece that I
did in '98..,
or the UNauthorized Hydraulic pump repair piece, for that matter..?
A stretch, I know.
It seems as if I've deleted, lost, or otherwise misplaced my digital copy,
which is to say that it may have remained on the computer
at my last place of employ...
I have a hardcopy, but would prefer not to have to retype it.
If any of you could be so kind.. it was posted in early September 98, under
the name
mwoodland at program4.com,
If you can find it, please send it back to maviva at ptdprolog.net or
mwoodland at aaainc.com

Many thanks,
Mark Woodland

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