Best place in Boston area to buy snow tires?

Brett Dikeman quattro at
Tue Dec 12 02:26:42 EST 2000

Donovan's in Waltham.  Experience with everything down to Porsches 
and Quattros. They align by feel, not by numbers, and a family 
owned&operated shop that has a strong reputation.  Highly 
recommended.  Test drive the car after they work on it, and come back 
if it's not quite right.  They're more than happy to hop in with you, 
feel/watch what the car does, and tweak it a second time.

Donovan's also has tires, but doesn't stock much.  I'm sure you could 
order tires from TireRack and have Donovans mount them, or even order 
the tires through them.  I know they deal in dunlop, not sure what 

I personally like to give my business to small shops like them...


At 11:35 AM -0800 12/11/00, josh Wyte wrote:
>Need to pick up some snow tires.  Where's the best
>place for service and price?
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