Judge for yourselves ...

Wolff wolff at turboquattro.com
Tue Dec 12 08:13:11 EST 2000

Wow! I found several tidbits in there. Thanks Phil.

Brake judder and streaky wheels
"Not all judder under braking is caused by warped
discs - if the discs are not warped, the cause is somewhere else."
I can now quote you in support of at least one case of UFO shudder that was
not caused by warpage (or suspension bushings).
Details here (long time listers will remember this):

Has my fuel pump been jumpered?
The testing of urq fp bypass procedure will be performed this weekend just
to be sure as I have no history on my month new to me Gobi urq.

It goes in BACKWARDS!?!
Hah, knew that one already.

Exhaust manifolds revisited
Well, at least I only have to check the motor mounts on 3 out of 4 of my q's
since the '91 is a 20v.

Has your zerk been zapped?
Gonna have to do this one too, but the fitting is pointing sideways enough
that the gun tip won't connect. Can I try to turn it with a wrench or is it
likely frozen and might snap off?

A Quick Safety Check
I'll have to do that on 3 cars. I'll second this with the idea that '91 200
20v owners might apply a safety zip tie (or something better?) to their
throttle cable to prevent UA. (perform this at your own risk, YMMV, etc.)
Look here:

The Hawg Ring Lunge
Gonna have to go there on the urq as it does have seat heaters, but they
don't work. At least the 200 and 4kq' heaters all work.

Not a hose - a part
Did not know that....

Thanks again,

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