Congratulations to Audi and the Audifans

rplines at rplines at
Tue Dec 12 10:37:40 EST 2000

Just wanted to congratulate Audi on it's new U.S. sales record.  As of November 30th
they sold 72,932 cars in the U.S.  By my estimate they passed the old record of 74,061
(1985 year) on or about December 5th.  All of you die-hard Audifans out there should
be proud of yourselves as well.  As we all know, Audi always has, and probably always
will, produce a technologically superior product.  Too bad the negative media hype
nearly killed the U.S. market for Audi.
I will be forwarding my comments to CBS news, BTW.  I encourage you all to do the
same.  Here is the address:,1712,412,00.html

Vorsprung Durch Technik!


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