el cheapo struts for '88 5kcstq

Jukka Majanen jiipm at sci.fi
Tue Dec 12 22:39:36 EST 2000

Hi Ed

Not so far, but I´ve had two sets of Monroes in my former turbo
Saabs; Heavy-Duty ones at my lowered ones, couldn´t use Sensas
just because of the suspension height. These were really worth of the
money for a short time I had them. Made me believing in them, maybe
not for a heavy quattro, but for Audis´ CGT, yes.

About Sensatracs: almost all I know is what I wrote, You should have
designed height for them. All my friends cars I´ve driven, that have those
worked well, again -dunno how did they last. In my opinion; very good 
compromise between Comfort/Sporty and Money/Quality. I´m pretty sure 
Monroe is closer to those B:s than KYB:s. 

If You decide to buy Sensas, please let us know Your impressions.

My best 

>I was thinking of using the Sensatracs on my stock-sprung
>Coupe GT.  Aside from not using them with lowering springs
>do you have any other experience with them you can share?
>Colorado Springs, CO
>On Mon, 11 Dec 2000 23:51:25 +0200 "Jukka Majanen" <jiipm at sci.fi> writes:
>> Hi
>> In my experience, KYBs are ok if You´ll keep Your car less
>> than two years and You don´t live in cold areas. I´ve blown few 
>> KYBs in local, sometimes very freezing, conditions.
>> Monroe is very OK, but don´t use their Sensatrac, if You have
>> modified suspension. Because of its´ by pass in cars designed
>> static position.
>> Wanna keep the 5tq for several years and enjoy your ride?
>> Consider one of those two B´s.
>> my best 
>> j-pm

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