endlink bushings: pressing in!!!?????

Marc Swanson marcswanson at mediaone.net
Thu Dec 14 08:54:19 EST 2000

Now that I'm pretty much done doing the bushings on my spare subframes I
STILL haven't done the endlink bushings (the ones that go into the end of
the front sway bar on either side).  The other ones have been "easy" by
comparison... those buggers just don't want to pop in!

Anybody have any creative suggestions on how to push these things in?  I
tried the Huw Powell approach of using a piece of pvc to squish it down to
size but that didn't seem to help (the pvc kept trying to slide off the sway
bar when put under pressure on top).  I also tried using a bolt through the
middle with a big washer and socket on the other side to draw it in... still
no go.



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