help! 4q handling like ovlov 240!

Thu Dec 14 12:26:54 EST 2000


So we finally get some snowand my 4kq with new Falcon Eurowinter snows (hey, 
they were $46 a peice and have a very similar tread pattern to the hakka 10s) 
handles like crap! Reminds me of trying to drive my old ovlov 240 in 
snow....not quite that bad but still nowhere a 4kq should be. It's driving 
like it did last winter with one bubbled hakka10 and 3 others woth serious 
wear (one eventually popped form brushing a curb). It will plow through snow, 
but with some skidding and major skidding around corners. Ive tried taking 
corners at not too low but not too high speeds and I slide and slip. There is 
a lot of skidding when I try to hammer it up a snowy hill as well..what's up 
with this? Car has ahd a recent alignment and these tires and brand new! 
Please advise, any suggestions appreciated.


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