re. Splitting the IM on an '89 100q

Swann, Benjamin R. (BSWANN) BSWANN at
Thu Dec 14 15:49:17 EST 2000

<snip> This car has the NFengine with an intake manifold that wraps around
the top of the engine, covering the valve cover, but contains a horizontal
<snip> I'm thinking that I can just split the top half off the IM on my NF
engine and then remove the valve cover to do the gasket. Is this right? [
--> YES]

Is there some trick or magic elixir that must be applied. [ --> YES]
What I have found works reasonably well when you feel the bolt is not going
to come loose before rounding out the allen head is to use a 1/4" allen
which is slightly larger than 6mm.

I then have been able to hammer the allen in and then can apply enough force
to break the bolt loose.  They generally gives way with a starling crack
sound and then often are finger tight at that point.  This has saved me
several times from making removal next to impossible, which is what happens
if you continue applying more force with the 6mm.  

You may sacrifice a 1/4" allen for each difficult bolt(I have usually been
able to get them back out), but is sure beats rounding them out.

Make sure you have soaked bolt threads(if exposed), etc. with liquid wrench
as your first course of action.


Ben Swann
Just went throught this on both '89 100 Q and 87 GTQ 2.3l manifold.

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