spare instrument cluster

cobram at cobram at
Thu Dec 14 15:50:05 EST 2000

The chip is the same in both styles of clusters, early and late 5K's:


The newer cluster also has an extra marking, "8851" right under the ITT.

Checked their catalog, looks like it's been discontinued.

Cobram at Juno.Com

On Thu, 14 Dec 2000 14:05:14 -0600 (CST) caprio at writes:
> Does someone have a spare instrument cluster from a 5k sitting on 
> their workbench?  If so, could you please read the (tiny) numbers 
> off of the voltage regulator chip to me.  It is the small (3/8" 
> square), black chip with three wires located at the bottom right 
> corner of the cluster when looking at the back... it's right behind 
> the fuel gauge.
> Thanks to those who have told me how easy it is to just take it 
> apart and check and so on.  But all I want to do is buy a chip 
> first, and then put it in in one shot.  I plan on just buying a new 
> one from an IC supplier.
> Thanks,
> Matt Caprio

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