Blau Harness Questions (long)

Brendan/Coolian coolian at
Sun Dec 17 16:47:50 EST 2000

A VERY nice alternative to the Blau harness (I've found) would have to be 
the Hella 100w harness at I ordered 
two of these harnesses and they are quite nice.  All moulded black rubber 
protective loom, heavy gauge wire...Nice.

At 10:33 AM 10/5/00 -0400, Allen Swett wrote:
>Hi List,
>   Installed Euros w/Blau harness last night on my 89 200q.  Everything went
>quite nicely, still have to disable the autocheck bulb out function when
>time permits.   Lights function as they should....what a relief from the
>candles I've been accustomed to......
>   I have a couple of questions for anyone familiar with the Blau harness
>may be able to help out, or for that matter anyone with more of an
>electrical clue than myself.....My blinkers are all in FAST mode.  Usually
>indicative of a bulb out?  But no bad bulbs....So....anyone have an idea
>what I'm missing here?
>Also, what have all you other Blau harness users done with the old bulb
>sockets?  Left them intact, out of the way?  Snipped them?  Wondering what
>if anything this has to do with my FAST blinking prblem..... I'm sure I'm
>missing something simple here, but can anyone help shed some light on my
>Thanks in advance
>Allen Swett

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