200 20v ripped open by backhoe!!

Charles G. Alday calday at umich.edu
Mon Dec 18 08:11:08 EST 2000

Must be all the door handles were broken, but they could have just broken a
window to get in.  Wrong tool for the job.
Silly them.

86 5KTQ
87 4KQ

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>We had a roadtrip to south Georgia this weekend. I mean, way south.
>Allright, allright, hold it down, already!
>This goofy Ford dealer comes on TV for a commercial. Couldn't quite catch
>the name and location, but I believe it was a South Carolina dealer, and
>the city may have been Bluffton(?). His son or somebody is on a backhoe.
>Camera pans over the lot. Excursions, and what not. Then there is this
>beautiful, shining, waxed, bright red 200 on the car lot, just sitting
>there peaceably. The goob on the backhoe revs the diesel up and takes a
>claw at the roof of the 200!!!! While the announcer is whining, "We rip the
>roof of prices . . . " The teeth on the bucket crash through the back glass
>of the 200 and the operator pulls it toward him. The poor roof tries to
>hold, but is crumpled in an instant and mashed up to the hood, along with
>most of the interior. A 200 20v convertible. Uh, make that no convertible,
>its a permanent roofless. Goob son is sitting there on the backhoe with
>this crazy idiot look on his face cackling away, kinda like, "Huck, huck,
>huck . . ." My mouth drops open and I start yelling for my wife to run in
>from the kitchen and look at this crap. My little two year old daughter was
>sitting in my lap and looked up at me, she knew I was upset. She says, "It
>broken, Dadddy, he broken." I just started at the TV screen dumbfounded.
>This is not b.s.

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