Climate control blinking light?

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Mon Dec 18 15:38:06 EST 2000

The red light is to tell you the climate control has stored a code for a 
problem it's self-diagnosed in its own system.  Visit Chris Miller's 
200q20v pages,  do a search on climate control codes, select the first 
response to come up and click on codes.  The checking process, as well as 
the code explanation is covered there.

At 11:34 PM 12/17/2000 -0500, Martin W. N. Suryadarma wrote:

>Hi all,
>1 more question from me. My car is 1989 Audi 100. You know on the climate
>control, on the top right corner, there's that button for Outside Temp
>right? Next to it there's a red light. If you press the button, the red
>light comes on. Sometimes, after I start the car, that red light
>starts blinking. Pressing anyting won't help. But it'll go off in a while
>eventually. This just happens very randomly. Any ideas why? TIA!

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