Rear drive 5K

Chris Dyer chrisdyer at
Tue Dec 19 00:35:34 EST 2000

I would say driving style and road conditions are more to blame, but real 
snow/ice tires will help. Keep in mind that if you lose traction, you lose 
traction, regardless of quattro or nonquattro, tires, etc.

My first quat' experience was when I was 16 (oh-oh) & driving dad's new 4kq. 
After watching many a quattro promo video and rallies, I thought I was 
invincible. Took a turn too fast, went sideways into other lanes. Luckily I 
regained control. I assumed quattro meant accelerate/turn/break with 

Invest in snow tires. & try easing up on the throttle--let the car "catch 
up" to the traction.

>From: "Sperry, Peter  A -Syntegra MN" <peter.a.sperry at>
>To: "'quattro at'" <quattro at>
>Subject: Rear drive 5K
>Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2000 16:24:50 -0600
>Here in Minneapolis it's been snowing pretty good the last few days, and
>it's given me a chance to play in the snow in my Audi.  The problem is 
>when going around a corner, I make the corner (barely) and then the tail 
>spins out.  It feels like either my rear tires are bald and the
>accelleration in the turn causes them to plane out on top of the snow.
>However, the tires are fine, they are not snow tires, but M&S rated.  They
>are the ones that were on it when I bought it, and are made by Duralon
>(cheapies I'm sure).  Are my tires the problem?
>'88 5KSQ
>'90 90Q (on they way)

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