HELP!! : replacing bolt, power steering hose, 88' 5kcstq

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Tue Dec 19 13:09:27 EST 2000

I am requesting any and all help or information for the major dilemma I'm in. 
I decided to replace on my own a leaking high pressure power steering hose 
(pump-to-rack) for my 5K cstq, 1988. I was able to loosen the rack bolt via 
the engine compartment by using a wrench \ screwdriver \ hammer combination 
and the move aside the fluid reservior so I could reach my hand down to 
remove the bolt at the steering rack. So I was able to remove the hose. 
Installing the new hose was a different story. I cannot attach this bolt 
while trying to keep the bolt, two washers and the end of the hose together 
while trying blindly to screw the bolt back in, especially when the new hose 
is also fighting me. I tried tying the washers to the end of the hose with 
string and this worked, but I still cannot attach the bolt. Now I cannot even 
drive the car to a mechanic who I presume would have an easy time replacing 
this hose(?). I'm going to assume there's a simple method for re-fastening 
this rack bolt, either from under the hood o
r under the car, with standard or maybe special tools (?) and that someone 
out there knows exactly what I need to do! 

Thanks in advance for your responses!

Joe Doblick
Pgh, PA
1988 5kcstq

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