A good day, a bad day ...

Peter Berrevoets pjberr at home.com
Tue Dec 19 14:15:30 EST 2000

Any day in Audi-land is a g'day!

> >> The clutch pedal shimmy is often a sign the throwout
> >bearing is failing.


> >That's what I figured.  So I have:
> >
> >   a) Leaking front crank seal.

fortunately I do not (I'm sure it's coming though)

> >   b) Mysterious 'air loss' stutter under boost.

Check the ISV to intake manifold hose - mine was lose - it pushed out and
leaked under boost and got sucked back on under deceleration - had to be
really tight before it refused to pull off by hand.

> >   c) Squirreling sound under engine braking.

same problem - mb (bearing and bushing) parts here total $45CDN or $900 plus
from Audi for the Driveshaft.

> >   d) Clunky-clunky with fierce low gear acceleration.

transmission mount?

> >   e) Front left wheel mis-aligned (you should see the tyre).

Had it aligned three times and still front left wears on the inside.

> >   f) Throw-out bearing on the point of failure.

see above top

> >   g) Various electrical gremlins.

speedo started bouncing so I did the pin bypass fix - resoldered all the
questionable looking joints on the PC boards

> >Time for the bus to go up on blocks, I think.

Clutch MC has just let go $235 CDN from dealer - $135 CDN from alternate OEM

Wife is currently having a 'kanipshun fit' about constant repairs. "Admit
it - you bought a lemon!!"

Brake bomb needs replacing $300 CDN for part (or $450 from dealer)

Voltmeter steadfastly refuses to function.

When a/c blower motor kicks on a/c head diagnostics shows a drop from 14.1V
to 12.8V - probably have to get in and change the brushes before it burns
the motor out.

Neck on radiator at top haas broken off leaving 1/2" of pipe to fasten hose
to, nylon tie straps are helping here.

As I said to the my new best friend (the parts guy) "It;s a good thing I
love my baby - otherwise I'd hate it!"

I think I've crossed the line and become a certifiable masochist.

Yours in pain and Audi-ownership

Peter Berrevoets
1990 200TQ
Toronto, Canada

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