HELP!! : replacing bolt, power steering hose, 88' 5kcstq

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Wed Dec 20 10:00:17 EST 2000

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>Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2000 13:09:27 EST
>Subject: HELP!! : replacing bolt, power steering hose, 88' 5kcstq
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>I am requesting any and all help or information for the major dilemma I'm
>I decided to replace on my own a leaking high pressure power steering hose 
>(pump-to-rack) for my 5K cstq, 1988. I was able to loosen the rack bolt via 
>the engine compartment by using a wrench \ screwdriver \ hammer combination 
>and the move aside the fluid reservior so I could reach my hand down to 
>remove the bolt at the steering rack. So I was able to remove the hose. 
>Installing the new hose was a different story. I cannot attach this bolt 
>while trying to keep the bolt, two washers and the end of the hose together 
>while trying blindly to screw the bolt back in, especially when the new hose 
>is also fighting me. I tried tying the washers to the end of the hose with 
>string and this worked, but I still cannot attach the bolt. Now I cannot
>drive the car to a mechanic who I presume would have an easy time replacing 
>this hose(?). I'm going to assume there's a simple method for re-fastening 
>this rack bolt, either from under the hood o
>r under the car, with standard or maybe special tools (?) and that someone 
>out there knows exactly what I need to do! 
>Thanks in advance for your responses!
>Joe Doblick
>Pgh, PA
>1988 5kcstq

This bolt isn't the easiest to reach (no kidding!), but one of the listers
suggested using a rubber band to keep the bolt, washers and hose together
while trying to get it started in the rack. Once the bolt starts, snip off
the rubber band.

One of the difficulties is that the replacement hose is long and floppy,
and evey time you wiggle the bolt half a micron, the hose flops around and
ruins the alignment. A second pair of hands will help - someone to
"restrain" the hose and take the weight (what, eight ounces? but it's hung
out there nine feet!) of it while you perfrom microsurgery by braille . . .

Lastly, when you have a replacement hose made at some local hydraulic shop
(which costs about $25-30, and will last forever), they build it with
fittings that you can loosen while you wiggle the hose into alignment. That
makes it MUCH easier than the OEM style one-piece hose.

I've done this from the top of the car, never tried it from the bottom. Be
careful you don't break anything (like the fragile plastic radiator neck)
when you lay across the car trying to get this all lined up. It will cost
you a little knuckle skin, but it can be done.

Best Regards,

Mike Arman

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