just a thought...usefulness of CGT spoiler

Todd Young tyoung at wamnet.com
Thu Dec 21 10:39:41 EST 2000

A lot of the newer SUVs and minivans will have a small spoiler above the
rear glass, most of the time it actually pulls some of the air moving
over the top of the vehicle and directs it downward over the rear glass.
This helps prevent some of the "misting/dirt/snow" accumulation that
otherwise is VERY annoying. Of course, it also helps to have a
wiper/washer back there. 

If I had any of the new Avants, I would make sure to have one of those
spoiler/deflectors mounted.

Dave Aukerman wrote:
> Another thought, keeping the dust off the back glass.  The new passat wagon
> does not have a spoiler and the back glass acts as a dust/snow mist magnet.
> 5k/200 wagons are dust proof above the winglet.

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