'80's audi door handle question

Per Lindgren lindgre at online.no
Thu Dec 21 19:30:49 EST 2000

Ken Keith wrote:

> Are there any online sources for the A6 kits?

The store that advertised them didnt have any URL nor email-addy in the
ad, but the phone and fax numbers are there of course. The company is

Okey Tuning-parts GmbH
Phone: +49 030 4119 1818
Fax: +49 030 4119 1844

>  Are A6 handles like
> the new A4 handles?

Uhh... The handles on the A6 look like the handles on the 98-up A4 at
least, they are not like the all new A4.

The prices are DM 189 for the 80/100/200 style kit, and DM 379 for the A6
style, these kits are apparently complete for two doors.

92 Cab 2.3

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