URQ suspension parts for sale (correction)

John Karasaki johkar at teleport.com
Fri Dec 22 01:52:23 EST 2000

<Yesterday's e-mail had the wrong part numbers for the urq front tie rods.
Thanks, Chris Semple for pointing that out!>

I'm offering these parts to the various lists before they go on E-bay.
These were spares for use on my 4kq 5-bolt converted track car.  Sold the
car many months ago, so I have no need for these parts.  Hopefully someone
in Audi Land will.

I replaced the boots and inner bushings on these.  The right one is what
the turbo conversion guys seek out.

Front right tie rod 857 419 802 A (the expensive one)		$90 (I have 2 of these)
Front left tie rod 857 419 801 D (the not so expensive one)	$60

Front slotted style ball joints for '85 urq or any 4kq seeking a 5-bolt
Right front ball joint 857 407 366 E	$70	
Left front ball joint 857 407 365 E	$70

Add urq front strut/hub housings, and you have all the parts needed to
convert the front of a 4kq or coupe to the stronger 5-bolt wheels.

Best Regards,

John Karasaki

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