Unintended acceleration

Bob mx at snet.net
Tue Dec 26 08:03:49 EST 2000

This kind of happened to me once on the 20V. (90Q). The linkage on the throttle
body got 'stuck' on the insulation that is under the hood. If you open the hood
you can see where it stuck... I cut out that section and lived happily ever

Tom Donohue wrote:

> Hi all...had an unusual occurrance last night on my way home from Christmas
> dinner.  Just reached the bypass where I was able to pass some slower
> traffic, floored the 200q20v and the throttle stuck wide open.  The pedal was
> not stuck...put my foot under it thinking this would help...and it didn't.  I
> tried braking, hoping that it would help...and it didn't.  Finally disengaged
> the clutch, steered to the right, planning to shut it down.  The engine
> revved to 7k+, then returned to idle as if nothing ever happened, and
> continued operating normally for the last 15 miles or so to home.  I haven't
> seen any similar pattern before, nor have I heard of same.   Anyone have any
> similar experiences or ideas?  Regards, Tom Donohue

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