Snow Packed Rims = Wobbly Wheel

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Sun Dec 31 17:25:27 EST 2000

Happens every time I drive/park in deep snow.  Usually blows off ~80 mph 
unless its slush that froze in place.  The basketweave wheels on 200q20v 
are particularly prone to this because of all the little spots snow can 
stick in.  I'd think a good four- or five-spoke wheel with no little 
corners in it would work best.

At 04:59 PM 12/31/2000 -0500, Alexander van Gerbig wrote:

>     Pulled out to do some errands today in the 200q20v and noticed nothing
>odd on the snow covered road leading to the main road.  The main road was
>snow free and once I got to 50mph to steering wheel started to shake
>violently.  Well something must have gotten out of alignment when driving in
>heavy snow, but no.  As I walked out of the store I thought maybe the snow
>packed in the mesh rims was causing the wheels to act unbalanced.  I cleaned
>them all out with my finger and bingo, no wobble.  Anyone else ever
>experienced this?
>Happy New Years!
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