Slow fills at Gas Station on 86 4kq

Richard J. Andrews tech at
Thu Feb 17 00:56:34 EST 2000

This frustrated the heck out of me one day when it was freezing and i got 
mad and
broke the plastic piece with the little check valve out of the filler neck....
then i bent the tab back that was in there with a large screwdriver...
fueling the 4kq is MUCH easier now...
may not be the answer for everyone else.. but it worked well for me..
'86 4kq
<< Does anyone else find their 4kq difficult to fill quickly at the gas
>  station?  My 86 4kq seems to be getting more difficult to fill unless I
>  barely squeeze the handle and have the nozzle part way out of the fuel
>  entrance.  In fact, the other day I couldn't even get it full.
>   >>

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