More 4KCSQ problems...

Richard J. Andrews tech at
Sun Feb 20 06:03:15 EST 2000

sounds like a definate fuel delivery issue...
i would not go for tearing into the motor....
the i-5's are pretty much bulletproof... i would try a compression test 
before diagnosing a
crankshaft?!! or even checking it.. also a timing light might be able to 
help you chek that all of your marks line up.. there is one makr on the 
front crank pulley, a notch and a line on the
cover of the front, and a spot in the rear, through the bellhousing, a spot 
on the camshaft,
and the distibutor has a dash on it..  in which it lines up at TDC.
i would take off all vacuum hoses, check them thoroughly, maybe try to find 
a fuel distributor and check that as well.... are you having a bad misfire 
as well?
this would indicate a possible bad injector as well...
if it is a new engine i would not think crank unless you have a bad knock..
only ever heard of 2 i-5's ever losing a crank.. i have worn plenty of the 
engines out but
never EVER worn out the crank.

'86 4kq

there is a notch on the harmonic balancer but this would throw off 
mechanical timing..
so if your timing is ok.. your mechanic is wrong...
be careful...
if you think a good mechanic is expensive.. wait until you try a bad one
>Ok, recap of the symptoms I've been having.  I bought the car 1200 miles
>ago, and it has 6000 miles on the motor.  When I got it, it was running
>rich, getting bad milage, backfiring sometimes and having hot start issues
>but was making pretty good power.  I drove it out to boston from michigan,
>and within the last two hundred miles it has developed a SERIOUS problem.
>Below 2K there isn't even enough power to rev the motor.  Floor it off idle
>in neutral, and it'll take a few seconds to get to 2K RPM.  The problem got
>worse, and eventually it wouldn't run below 3K RPM...then it died and
>wouldn't even restart.  Until this spring I'm in an apartment w/ no
>driveway or garage, so I had it towed to a mechanic (woodings garage in
>Allston, MA).
>He hasn't had a very close look yet, as he doesn't have a hoist open now,
>but he seems to think that the crank pulley is slipping badly or the crank
>is otherwise busted.  If it is slipping that badly, he seems to think it
>would have trashed the woodruff key and would probably require a new crank
>as a result.  Having never seen a crank on a 5-cyl or had that pulley off,
>I'm unsure whether he's nuts or whether this is really the case.  Can't you
>just replace the woodruff key?  Has anyone ever had this happen?
>It wasn't making horrible noises, but I have noticed a slight wobble in the
>pulley down there, so it sounds plausable. Anyone have any input?  Source
>of a cheap 5-cyl crank?  Want to buy a used rally car that isn't running
>but is otherwise pretty cool?  I don't exactly have a lot of cash lying
>around after spending LOTS more than blue book on this car and would love a
>cheap solution if the crank really is shot. :(
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