glad to be back in the 4kq!

Richard J. Andrews tech at
Mon Feb 21 06:31:44 EST 2000

the list has been kind of dead.. and work has been slowish today...
anyways.. i just wanted to ramble about how glad i am that i had the list 
as a wonderful
reference tool these years, thanks to the list i have succesfully changed 
most of the parts
in my 4kq including engine, transmission, clutch and all like parts, fixed 
the dreaded
firewall crack, and  repairing the wiring harness which included a lot of 
soldering and
patience.. and a whole lot more... but the engine runs great and starts 
great now...
just really glad i'm not driving my buddy's honda anymore..
the 4000 is such a nicer car and it's 11 years older...
anyways.. thanks for the collective list advice over the years..
i don't know if i could of done it w/o you all!
anyways thanks to all..
and thanks for listening to the rant..

BTW, that noisy gearbox i got seems to be quieting down now..
guess that's what happens after a quattro gearbox has sat for 2 years 
without any
oil in it??

all seems good.. probably jinxed myself now ;)

ok enuf ramblings,

'86 4kq
(in the process of complete restoration)

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