Common bolts/nuts/washers on type 44

Marc Swanson marcswanson at
Thu Nov 2 02:06:29 EST 2000

> I am going to have my local metric supply place make up a "box
> of bolts" to avoid frequent trips.  The usual suspects to be
> included for Calipers, struts, sundry nuts for cam covers and
> the like....
> Anyone have a list of fastener sizes they have found useful?
> Anyone found the M18 bolts that hold the hubs in at a metric
> fastener supply?

If you are going this route may I suggest stainless steel for all the stuff
that requires below grade 8 (eg not most suspension nuts/bolts)?  Makes it
real easy to do maintenance since none of the fasteners get rusty.  From my
experience of swapping out just about every nut and bolt with stainless on
my car you should get a large number of:


-6,8,10 mm, with about 1/4 of the total quantity being lock nuts (nylon
insert) and maybe 1/16 to 1/8 the metal locking variety (eg a turned down
piece of metal at the top of the nut).  When I say large, probably 100+
total each at least (that sounds like a lot but it isn't!!!  I've got
through about 200 6 and 8mm each on my car...).

-a couple of 12 and 14mm, mostly locks (usually for the steering rack and
things like that.. mostly nylon insert locks... say 20 each or so)

-a few of the smaller ones, such as 4 and 5... not much on the car is
smaller than that.  maybe 50 each.

-Oooh, and don't forget those metric cap nuts.. really nice on things like
the cam cover to give that custom look.. get about 20-30 each in 6 and 8mm
(the 8mm ones can get expensive.. usually about .40/each.. maybe a few less
of those ;-))


-6,8mm hex heads in sizes ranging from 30-100mm in length.. if you want you
can just get them longer than normal and use a hacksaw/high speed grinder.
probably around 50-100 in the 30-50mm range and another 20 in the 50-100

-6,8mm allen heads, same as above maybe half the quantity.

-10,12mm hex heads, probably ranging from 50-120mm.. not too mny.. maybe 50
each size.

-washers washers washers... get a good 200 each for 6 and 8 mm and maybe 100
each for 4,5,10,12mm.  Get a few fender washers as well.

A good supply of sheet metal screws doesn't hurt either.  Probably 50 each
in varying sizes.  If you're going to be buying lots of this stuff at one
time, you might want to take a look at maryland metrics
( ).  They also stock some oddball fasteners like the
18mm bolts.. they'll almost certainly carry them.  I usually get all my
metric stainless stuff either from them or from the local fastener guy at
the Pease International Tradeport.

> I'm also looking to buy some Silicone/FlouroSilicone vacuum
> tubing to replace a bunch of lines, any good sources out there?

Can't help ya there.. I just went out to my FLAPS and picked up the rubber
stuff.. isn't too much trouble to replace the vacuum lines every few years.



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