Another bearing question...

Gerard gerard at
Thu Nov 2 09:35:20 EST 2000

What is the intended lifespan of wheel bearings? I would reckon
100,000km or more looking at how long the old ones went.

I am going to approach them to guarantee that their work does not kill
my bearings in a short distance.

You are right about the installation being of such a form that no
circlip could ever be installed behind the hub. That is what bothered me
the first time round.

I have given them the benefit of the doubt here, as it seems I am
fighting with a brick wall and I am "the non-mechanic pleb".

I will get my mechanic on it as well. These guys I used were chosen 'cos
I had to install subframe and control arm bushings and dumped the struts
off at the same time.

I'll be ordering spare bearings next week so that I have them for any
future problems.


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