ABS cacaphony

james accordino ssgacc at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 2 04:51:23 EST 2000

--- "Peter A. Sperry" <peter.a.sperry at syntegra.com>
> chance to see if ABS worked on my 88 5000S Quattro. 
> It did, however when I
> brake hard and ABS engages, I get a horrific noise
> from the driver's side
> front.

Probably the "normal" ABS noise.  First time I heard
it I was really surprised too.  I've seen many posts
to that effect.  Kind of like a grinding/groan, but
non-metallic.  Maybe a graunch?  I wish I could
desribe it better.

> If I disengage ABS (with the switch) the noise
> doesn't occur, but my wheels
> lock up, so I know my ABS is working.  I'd like,

You mention the noise at the left front.  Is that the
only place you hear the ABS noise?  You said the
wheels lock WO ABS.  Do any or all of the wheels
lock-up, or just the left front?  If only the left
front, then it has too much bias, and will always be
going ABS-crazy.  Maybe the other lines have a little
air in them?  Maybe rear bias is out of adjustment? 
Mine was by a mile.  What a difference having the rear
brakes pulling some of the load makes.  If all is
well, the hydraulic accuator for ABS is right behind
the left front wheel, and maybe you're just hearing

Jim Accordino

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