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Thu Nov 2 08:19:37 EST 2000

I've always been partial to Joe Satriani, especially on long trips, or
to wake myself up on the way to work.

William Magliocco wrote:
> Based on your post, I propose we make Wagner the
> official music of Audifans.com.  Mr. Dikeman, please
> consider whipping together a brief sample of "Ride of
> the Valkries" (pardon sp) as part of the start up
> routine when people visit the site.
> B. Spears gives me a headache, and I used to be Chief
> Engineer of a CHR radio station that ran her song in
> heavy rotation 18~24 mos ago.  Seemed like we were
> running that damn tune every hour on the hour, along
> with Cher's "Believe".
> If not Wagner, some vintage Basie or Ellington would
> make me happy.
> OAC-almost finished with the '93.  Still need to hang
> the exhaust bits I forgot, and swap out the el cheapo
> hardware from Home Depot with stuff that will last.
> After that, it's the timing belt.
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