wastegate springs values-[5kT]

Beatty, Robert BeattyR at ummhc.org
Fri Nov 3 08:44:14 EST 2000

It is not hard to make an adjustable wastegate for the 5k turbo motor.

Take the waste gate off the car.  There is a steel plug in the top on the
outside and on the inside is the spring seat.  The seat will unthread from
the cap (or just pull out, cant remember).  Take the seat out and then pop
the steel plug out of the cap so there is now a hole in the top of the WG.
Looking at the top of the WG with the plug removed you can now see there are
threads inside below where the plug was.  Just get the right size bolt and a
pair of nuts for locking purposes and thread the bolt into the cap and the
seat onto the bolt inside the cap and you have your adjustable WG.


(this is a bit vague i know, but its been close to a year since i was
playing around with WG caps and making an adjuster)

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> I believe you adjust the tension on the spring by shimming.  I think I've 
> read here about someone coming up with a threaded variable adjustment
> system.
> At 11:54 PM 11/02/2000 -0500, Ameer Antar wrote:
> >Does anyone know what wg spring ratings are out there? SJM only has a 1.5
> >and 1.8 bar spring. It would be nice to find a source for 1.6 bar or 
> >something between...Also is there any difference between KH and MC 
> >wastegates or wg springs?
> >
> >I was told you can adjust the value, how is this done...does it really 
> >work properly? Thanks much.
> >
> >-ameer
> >'84 5kT
> >
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