Making a "chip"

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Fri Nov 3 20:42:56 EST 2000

That person would be Eric Fluhr.  I know he made his own.  I cc'd him on
this email as well.

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About two years ago I recall reading SOMEONE's website on making their own
chip for (I think) an MC URQ engine. I believe that the person was a
q-lister. I've lost the URL, I've tried both the audifans and quattro
webring..but can't seem to find it.

Can anyone help?

Also, I can't see the point in spending $200+ US dollars for a chip that
will give my '89 90q 5cyl ten more horses...but would consider buying a
chip from a wrecker and trying it myself...anyone BTDT? With this engine??

89 90q, semi rally carpets, no insulation, great tires,
prototype exhaust, university money. Darn.

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