Just how dumb can people be?

Jim Haseltine Jim at ur-q.freeserve.co.uk
Sat Nov 4 22:42:30 EST 2000

Last night was particularly uncomfortable, spent watching flood water work
its way gradually along the street towards my house (more importantly,
towards my garage which contains my 88 Ur-q in partially stripped state). As
luck had it, it stopped rising when approximately 6 inches below the
critical point.
Today has been more fun - the number of drivers who don't know what the word
'FLOOD' on a road warning sign means - are they just stupid or can't they
read? One guy in a Landcruiser made it all the way through to receive a
royal bollocking from the police (and a less polite reception from the
squaddies) - I bet that his carpets got wet too judging by the way that the
water was part way up the doors at the deepest point.

The level has dropped by a couple of inches so far, but we're due for more
rain over the next couple of days so I'm preparing to shift stuff up to the


Jim Haseltine

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